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This Forum dedicated to the users of old ZCorp ZPrinters. This is a place for users to support each other, share and discuss powder and binder recipes, share printable replacement part models and all matters related to ZPrinters.
Forum rules
Posting on 3DTOPO.com is a privilege; not a right.
We reserve the right to delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum and/or 3DTOPO.com without prior warning.
It is your responsibility to read and follow these rules.

What cannot be posted here?
1. Links or information leading in a topic, post, reply, or your very own profile that contain pornographic material, get rich quick scams, religious debates, link farms, the advertisement for sexual enhancement drugs, or anything else the community
2. Posts, topics, reply, or profiles which go beyond the simple expression of opinion and edge toward unfounded accusations will be removed. Repeated problems with a user will result in account termination. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but don't take it too far.
3. When all else fails, just use common sense. We are all adults here, so let's keep the community focused on why everyone comes here. Everyone wants to exchange ideas and information with other people that have the same interest.
4. No Forum Bots Allowed!

• Post with respect toward others. This site is aimed at a general audience, please be considerate of this.
• Please do not link to warez, cracks, or any other material that does not respect copyright.
• Report any posts you feel contradict our policies by using the "post report" feature.
• Promoting your own site without a support related context is not permitted.
• All rules apply to forum posts as well as private messages
• 3DTOPO is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules.
• Attempts to evade bans or moderation queue will result in further discipline.

Use the REPORT button
There is a report button in the corner of each post. If you see an avatar, signature, or text that violates the site rules PLEASE report it. Only the administrators can see reported posts and we really appreciate the help. There are many new posts each day and we can't see everything. If there is no report button, then the post has already been reported.

You can be banned from the 3DTOPO Forums for violating any of the posted rules or ignoring specific instructions from the administrator or any moderator. Continued abuse of the Forums or attempts to get around a ban will result in banishment from access to the entire website. If your username is banned understand that it is banned on the entire site. You will not be able to post anywhere.

DON'T use the Forums for personal conversation or argument; use email or private messages.

DON'T abuse site members on the forums, or through email or private messages

DON'T post nudity or graphic images, link to them using an NSFW warning (Not Safe For Work). No nudity is allowed on the site whatsoever.

DON'T post personal attacks based on sexual preference, religion, nationality, race, etc

DON'T post abusive, inflammatory, or threatening messages

DON'T post messages for the sole purpose of attacking a person or company or just to start an argument

DON'T use obscene or abusive language anywhere

DON'T use insult or ridicule other members anywhere

DON'T post someone else's full address or phone number (or ANY other personal info) without their permission

DON'T post complaints about a forum or moderator; contact site administrators privately.

DO think before you type; remember you are dealing with real people and you are not anonymous

DO use the private message button or email for personal discussions

DO provide enough details or pictures in your question so that people can help you

DO help others. A forum is a community which works best when people share information
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