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First Recipe

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:04 am
According to this post on Open 3DP, HydroPerm should work straight out of the bag in my ZPrinter 310: ... ment-72810

But like others who commented there, the prints are crumbling apart. I tried using pure HydroPerm for the powder and red-wine for the binder, but no matter what saturation level I used the parts just crumbled apart - even after waiting over 24-hours.

I did a bench test, and even mixing the HydroPerm with the wine 1:1 (which isn't even possible with ZPrint as far as I can tell), the test piece is no good. I need to pick up some Sake and see if it works any better.

Anyhow, I did a bench test of VersaBond and red-wine, and it was far more promising. So next I tried a bench test of the following:

10 parts VersaBond
2 parts HydroPerm
2 parts PVA
1 part starch (I didn't have any maltodextrin)

The bench test worked well so I just tried printing some up. Seems like it worked, but I am going to let it cure overnight before pulling it out. I'll post an update tomorrow.

Re: First Recipe

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:17 am
Here's what my recipe looks like being printed: